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Could Darren Aronofsky Direct Wolverine 2?

The Fountain and Black Swan director certainly could, reckons Vulture

Darren Aronofsky directing a superhero is a bizarre enough concept. But how about Darren Aronofsky directing a superhero sequel ? Bizarrely, it could happen, reckons Vulture , which says that the director of such weirdness as Pi , The Fountain and Requiem For A Dream and Oscar bait like Black Swan and The Wrestler , is in active talks with Fox to helm Wolverine 2 .

Apparently, Aronofsky had been in talks about directing the film previously (along with other contenders such as Twilight Saga: Eclipse ’s David Slade and Red ’s director Robert Schwentke) but was more keen on the Superman gig. However, now that’s gone to Zack Snyder, and so, suddenly directing a sequel didn't seem so bad and his reps began negotiations with Fox to put him behind the camera for Wolverine 2. Of course, that would reteam him with his The Fountain star, Hugh Jackman, who is apparently keen to work with the director again. We’ll believe it when we se the press release…

Perhaps even more interestingly, the article also claims that Snyder beat Aronofsky to the Superman job mainly because Warner Bros trust Snyder to get the movie before the cameras faster. Allegedly, the script by David Goyer still needs a lot of work, and while Warners would have preferred Aronofsky to direct in theory, in practice they were worried he would spend too long on script rewrites (which seems to imply they regard Snyder as a bit of a hack).