Conveniences abound in Xbox One controller redesign

A cross-shaped directional pad. Rumbling triggers. Rad buttons. We've seen a lot of consternation about the Xbox One as a video game console (and done some ourselves), but Microsoft's latest post (opens in new tab) on its new-and-improved gamepad makes us excited to get our hands on the controller, at the very least.

The joysticks and triggers both require less force to press, and the buttons are placed closer together for easier combinations on top of the aforementioned D-pad and force feedback, among other tweaks.

The Xbox One controller also sports a few mundane but useful sounding upgrades: instead of turning off after a brief period of inactivity, the controller enters a low-power state and immediately wakes up when used again. That should make watching Netflix or other videos with a controller as a remote much more palatable.

You can preserve the controller's AA batteries by plugging in a generic USB Micro cable, so it sounds like the odd divide between Wired and Wireless 360 controllers will no longer be a concern.

Consoles aside, which next-gen controller do you prefer?

Connor Sheridan

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