Community cast joined by Pedro Pascal for Zoom table read

(Image credit: YouTube)

How does that famous Community hashtag go? #SixSeasonsAndAZoomChat? Not quite, but that's what we have to be content with for now. 

The cast of Community reformed to do a Zoom read-through of season 5, episode 4, "Cooperative Polygraphy," which sees Pierce Hawthorne's last will read out by an executor played by Walton Goggins. Unfortunately, while the rest of the cast – including Donald Glover, Joe McHale, and Alison Brie – were able to make the Zoom chat, Goggins was unable to return as Mr. Stone. Instead, they managed to get The Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal, to voice the character.

Through the table read, the cast crack up on various occasions, but it's Pascal's reaction to various lines that particularly entertaining. One part, where Stone discusses Hawthorne's "liquid nitrogen–cooled cylinder of hyper-virile sperm" is particularly funny as the actor struggles to keep a straight face. 

"How the hell did you guys do this?" Pascal said. Watch the full script reading below.

The whole read-through was in benefit of World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods who provide food packages for those working on the frontline. In the meantime, get ready for a potential Community movie, as Dan Harmon recently said that the conversations that people hope are happening are happening

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