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  • PC | Submitted by sTALIN[gOD]

    Obelisk Help

    Ok here is the Real way. Take 1 MLRS hoover tank and the APC to the upper-most left hand point that is still out of range of the obleisk. Then attack the obleisk with the other two MLRS's and sneak the APC and hoover tank past the obleisk. Make sure to attack first so that the Obleisk hits one of the attacking hoover tanks and no the one escorting the APC. Time it right and its easy. Then take over the Construction Yard of the old GDI base. Destroy the power plants outside the firestorm walls to get a engineer inside to the Yard. Now secure the area by turning on the "turrets" by useing that "lightning" button by the "sell" command. Read my next tip to finish off the level and everyone after it.

  • PC | Submitted by Simon

    Infinite Firestorm Wall

    To get infinite firestorm wall first let your firestorm charge up all the way. Then turn it on and sell or turn off some of your power plants until the words "On Hold" appear in the box. Your firestorm wall will stay on forever and will not go down until the power comes back.

  • PC | Submitted by Antiganondworf

    Secret Level

    Did you know that there is an extra GDI mission, called 'Mine the power grid'? It is accessed this way... First rescue all 10 mutants in 'Rescue the mutants' mission. Oh yeah, don't forget to get Ghost Stalker and Mutant Hijacker in that mission!!
    Next choose 'Destroy Chemical Plant' mission. You start in lower left corner of the map. Build you base, blah blah... and when you start to wreak havoc upon Nod base, take some units and proceed to the upper left corner of the map for a small surprise... you will come upon a train station. Also a Ghost Stalker will come to reinforce your forces (hm:)). Anyway, board the train with the Ghost Stalker. Be careful, new mission objective will want you to keep the Ghost alive at all costs!! When you board the train, terminate the Nod base. Mission accomplished. And on to the 'Mine the power grid' mission.

  • PC | Submitted by Timothy Jasper

    Cripple Enemy in Skirmish

    If NOD during a skirmish map find the Construction Yard and the Weapons Factory they are always very close. Send the Subterranian APC with 3 Engineers A Cyborg Commando and a Highjacker. Have a Oblisk of Light ready get in grab the weapons factory and Construction Yard (YOU MUST GET THIS ONE WEAPONS FACTORY IS OPTIONAL) and put the oblisk at their base hahahah youve screwed them build a barraks and waa laa what happens next is up to you.


  • PC | Submitted by F-22N Lightning II

    Multiplay Strategy

    Hey, admit it... you're always getting beat in multiplay. But I have a strategy for you.

    Concentrate on base defense and pavement first. there'll be time for building later. be sure to have many SAM add-ons and Vulcan cannons, accompanied by the stray RPG or two. that, in conjunction with pavement and the forces you already have, should be enough to start your building. Your first objective to building, you may ask? lots of power and ION Cannon are your primary targets. once that has been done, build a strike force and assemble it outside your enemy's base. If there are any SAMs, take em out for safe passage for orca bombers to go through. Then build a Mammoth MK II and a carry-all. fly the mammoth into the position of your troops and dly the carryall back to base. roll in and have no mercy!

    First priority is the same as GDI's: base defence. Laser wall with gate and lasers should be fine. but be sure to assemble obelisks and plenty of SAMs, because a lot of people out there send in about 10-12 orca bombers after you. trust me, I know! After that, do the same as GDI..... build up your base, but go for chem missile instead. they kill anything they touch and the gas cloud is a surprisingly strong, too! also, they spawn viceroids, so let that be your primary goal. then assemble a strike force and build multiple banshees (like 10-12 to get those guys back for the orcas!) and wreak havoc! Also, be sure to build a cyborg commando and send him in in a subterranean APC. be sure to use the chem missile first, though, because he heals in tiberium. But if you're in a "I'm in the mood for taking prisoners, Sub-APC with engineers is your best bet, along with hijackers.

  • PC | Submitted by Stone

    Beating the NOD Stealth Generator

    This works best if your playing if the computer, becuase hopefully no one will be stupid enough to do this.

    When the computer is NOD, they like to leave a lot of power plants outside the generator. Instead of focusing your attack on the stealthed part of the base, attack all the power plants. The Ion Cannon works best. If you can send them to low power, and uncloak the base, then put waypoints over all the important cloaked structures, especially the generator. Then, when you launch a major attack, you don't have to worry about where stuff it is. You can place things on force-fire and destroy everything.

  • PC | Submitted by anthony castellone

    A deffence cheat

    When playing a skirmish or higher levels with nod your sometimes spending all out money. and you dont seem to have enough troops and what not. build your base and put laser wall around the whole thing. put a gate for your harvesters and crap. when building a laser wall try and make it as long as possible. try 6 or 8 spaces long. then in your tool box click the electric bolt icon to shut off "ONE" portion of the laser fence. then it's shut off. this means that you or the enemy can pass through it. when an enemy tank or infantry passes through it , click off the icon on the fence and presto whatch it disapear. as a result it will obliterate the enemy and that portion of the fence. so i suggest you have another one ready to re-place it.
    "I found this accidently i turned it off and my harvester passed through. when i turned it on it was destroyed"

  • PC | Submitted by Brandon

    Airiel Defense

    This works best as GDI. Once all defenses are up, scout out a relitively large area around your base. Next, build 6 Helicopter Pads, and 12 Air units (Bombers or Banshees - don't waste valuable money on Harpy's or ORCA Fighter's). Also have a 2 ORCA transports carrying a Mammoth MKII, and an apc w/ a ghoststalker and a few medics. Have the 6 bombers and the 2 Transports patrol the outskirts of your base (be far out enough so you have a heads up of whats coming to your bombers, but you're also out of attack range of your base). The other 6 bombers/fighters can just wait around on the pad for in base defense. Now, whenever the enemy tries to attack, you have a heads up warning system with a good defense. The airborn bombers can attack the incoming units, then as they return to reload, the other 6 are on their way out. In the meantime, the Mammoth MKII and Ghoststalker are occupying the remaining forces. It works great, but be sure to keep preferably 2 repair pads around so the bombers can get their needed health back.
    *Story: I once did this against someone who apparently relies on infintry and medics, because i had roughly 10 incoming apc's. I attacked w/ my 6 airborn bombers and took out 3 apc's, but he then unloaded his troops and began to rush the base. (he didn't know i had 6 other bombers on their way). i took out probably 40 infantry that way. it was great.

  • PC | Submitted by Ar-Kaine

    Quick Money and Stop Tiberium Vein Growth

    The best way to get money fast is to try and build your Tiberium Refineries as close to a Tiberium Field as possible. The Harversters will get to the field and back in less time, so be sure to scout out your surrounding area for the closest tiberium field.

    To stop Tiberium Vein growth, send a Hover MRLS or Jump Jet Infantry into the field (in case you haven't scouted it out yet). If you can see the whole field then use Orca Bombers or Banshees for this. Look for what appears to be a dark brown crater in the field. This "mouth" spews out veins. Tell your units to attack it and it will be destroyed and veins will stop growing.

  • PC | Submitted by Dreamkid

    Repair Cost

    For GDI folks out there, in certain missions you might chance upon a civilian building known as the 2nd National Bank. If it is damaged use your ENGINEER to repair it and 2000 credits will be credited to your account. IF the building is not damaged (hee hee) then damage it yourself first and afterwards repair it.
    Doesn't work for NOD though, the NOD's always shooting at innocent civilians.

  • PC | Submitted by micheal kelly

    Stealth Generator Hint

    When you are NOD and can build a stealth generator, not only is there no use for pavement but it hurts your as well. when you build pavement and a generator the genrator does not put the pavement into stealth. so if your playing against a friend (the computer is stupid so you can do it with them) dont use pavement or they will be able to see where your base is. but if your playing with redeployable mcv's then it wont matter because you can throw them of by moving it and putting pavement somewhere else and then moving your mcv back.

  • PC | Submitted by Ayham Jaber

    Block Attacks Easily

    (This hint can be used only on a computer because he's stupid) admit that guys, many of u died easily with strong attacks, here's a tip: when u see an attack on the way to your base, get any kind of infantry (ex:light infantry or any other crap) let the infantry fire on the attack, then all the attack will follow him to kill him, let the infantry to run throw a waste area (an orange area with a mouth in the center) ,when the vehicles follow him they will explode and burn in hell

  • PC | Submitted by ChAoS OtHeR

    Air Force

    I use this trick with NOD using about 40 Banshees. I split them into about pairs or 5 or 6. Then I make 10 Subterranean APCs and fill them with 40 rocket infantry, and 10 light infantry. Next send your apcs into your opponents base and open them up, destroy their defenses, and construction yard. Now send your air force to wipe out the remaining buildings as well as units. It works great. It also works with GDI, but the bombers are to slow for me and the ORCA fighters are to weak unless you have about 20 in one group.

  • PC | Submitted by Jeffrey Mercado

    Double the range of your disk throwers

    In order for this trick to work you must have some disk throwers (this works best with flat terrain). Then send them out to battle. Press the [Ctrl] key and force fire toward your target (not at the target. Aim for the ground in front of it). The discs will bounce off of the ground and if you aimed right, hit the target. With this, you can destroy those laser cannons or light towers without getting fired at or detected.

  • PC | Submitted by Florian Krijtenberg

    Level 9 Hint

    At this moment the most asked question is:
    "How do I get behind the lasercannon ( The Obelisk of light ).
    Well, at the right of the cannon there is a small base with a 'hand of NOD' building and a few powerplants. first at all you must distroy the units on that base. After that distroy all the powerplants.So the NOD has low power. Then you can pass the lasercannon or you can distroy it.
    when you go to the top of the map there is a base you can capture. capture it and distroy all NOD units.

  • PC | Submitted by Victor Vas

    Easy Way To Capture Construction Yard

    To capture the enmy construction yard while you are the Nod, Build a subtaranium APC and put some engineears in to it. Then tell it to go to the enmies base unload the engineers and capture the base.


  • PC | Submitted by Mo man

    Cool Gdi Strategy

    Build 2 engineers, ghoststalker 2 medics 1 amphibious apc, lots of bombers and the mammoth mk 2. Bomb any obelisks in the enemy base, then drive the rest in. capture and do whatever to 2 expensive structures, then make the medics gaurd ghost stalker as he and the mammoths wreak havoc.

  • PC | Submitted by Brandon

    Infantry Rush

    This works best in a GDI vs GDI game. (NOD's flame tanks really cripple this strategy for GDI, their artillery doesn't help either, and the laser turrets really destroy your chances of pulling this off.). Anyway, back to the point. Have around 20 APC's Full of infantry (I use 22 apc's - 10 full of light infantry, 10 full of Disk throwers, and 2 full of medics (5 medics per infantry type). Just rush the base and unload the APC's inside the base, or right outside it. Make sure that everyone attacks at once, and not in wave's (it cancels out the effect of having a ton of guys charging the base). The medics will keep healing everyone, and the disc throwers can easily take out a turret. (i never tried this, but i figure with 20 medics healing everyone, it would be like invulnerability). As long as the infantry don't get crushed, you're fine. I found that the empty APC's work great as decoys because it seems that the AI turrets automatically attack them, and when you do an attack like this, you DON'T retreat, so the apc's kinda lost their use. (this is a one time, all or nothing assault because if you did this right, you should have used all your resources on the infantry, and ignored building tanks. If it fails, your dead, but if it works, its great to brag about in chat rooms. It looks really really cool too). Ariel units are a good back-up too, becuase if you're going against NOD they can take out the artillery, flame tanks, and lasers.
    The only way i can see to counter this would be to build a ton of jump jet or cyborg infantry, or just lots of flame tanks. (*Note: when attacking, don't use Jump Jet infantry, cause most likely the enemy has his defenses based on a vehicle attack and the rockets will make short work of them.)

  • PC | Submitted by Star505

    How to destroy Harvesters

    If you are Playing GDI And your opponet Has alot of Harvesters that he sends out into unprotected Tiberium Feilds You Should Biuld 7 or 8 Hover MRLS to destroy one harvester at a time Because Their missles Are very effective aganist Harvesters.

    And also If you play GDI You Should Destroy the Orange Tiberium Veins So that NOD can't Make or launch Chemical Missiles

  • PC | Submitted by Reciprocity

    Disc Thrower Use

    This is a hint on a good way of using your sic throwers if you are limited on recources. Lets say you have one disc thrower and one fully operating enemy laser. Stand at a distance so that the laser cannot get you, but be as close as possible. Fire at the ground so that the disc slides and hits the laser. The laser will be destroyed and you will go unharmed.

  • PC | Submitted by Adam Taylor

    Selling Vehicles

    If your vehicle has lots of damage then you can sell it by making it go to the repair bay and when it gets on you click on the sell button and move it over the vehicle and it should turn green then click to sell it

  • PC | Submitted by Scout04

    Uncloaking a Base

    Ok,take a light vehical and scout a round the map with him if he dies,and your enemy is NOD chances are he went into a cloaked base and got hit hard. Send 2 or 3 more light vehicals into his last position and see if you find a cloaked base wwith firing base denfences.After you find the base send several infantry to that area to uncloak some stuctures,all you have two do now is send seekers,missles,ion cannon,heavy vehicals,or air craft to that area and have them force fire where you've seen the stuctures,and chances are you'll hit some thing and they'll have no choice then to attack! This may not be a cheat but its helpful so try it out! Bye!

  • PC | Submitted by McNiel

    Conquering Tip.

    Before conquering a base,Build a defencing structure(Let's say Obelisk of Light).Don't Deploy the structure until you conquered your enemy's building. Deploy it next to your just-captured-building.This will give you a stronger post in their base.
    Put a hand of NOD in your foe's base to supply more engineers to conqure more buildings

  • PC | Submitted by Zyko

    Skirmish Strategy

    Never let the cpu guy see your base or he will kick your a** with ion cannons and stuff.
    If you are NOD, get tons of artillerys and put them around your base. When ypu got enough of that, put 4 or 5 on the outskirts of the enemy base with some rocket soldiers for air cover. Deploy them an watch them gradually depleting the cpu's base.

  • PC | Submitted by Travis Richey

    Mission Tips

    Mission 1: Reinforce Pheonix Base

    This is a nice, easy one to ease you into the game. If you can't get through
    this level, take the game back to the shop and ask if you can swap it for
    some knitting needles and wool. This is war, and it's hell!

    Build a refinery and barracks near to the Tiberium that you start near. You
    don't need to build any silos, as you will be spending your hard-earned cash
    straight away on light infantry. Get cracking, and once you have at least 10
    men - although 15--20 is advisable - follow the road to the east. Leave a
    handful of men back in case you are attacked, and use the rest of your men
    to flatten those NOD forces, and finish the first mission.

    Mission 2

    You will see at the start of the level that the first rescue craft were shot
    down by two SAM sites. Set up your base near to these, by the large
    Tiberium field there. Use the Tiberium you mine to finance the training of
    10-15 disc throwers. This will be your strikeforce. If you are in a bit of a
    hurry to get killing, create a support team of 10-20 light infantrymen,
    otherwise hang around until you can double the number of your disc
    throwers. You should also train a couple of engineers, and leave them
    somewhere safe until you need them.

    When you are happy with your fighters, you may begin taking out the SAM
    sites. Begin with the two to the east that took out the rescue craft earlier.
    Revenge is every bit as sweet as they say, so enjoy avenging your
    comrades' glorious deaths!

    When attacking the SAMs, make sure that your back-up team is earning its
    money, by disposing of any NOD troops who may try to stop you.

    Once the first two are dealt with, take out the next site which is just to the
    north. After these three, the remaining four SAMs are to be found to the
    south of your Tiberium fields. Take out the two obvious ones, then fix the
    damaged bridge using your engineers. On the far side is another SAM site,
    and the final one is just before you reach the NOD base to the east.

    Once all these sites are safely disposed of, you can launch your final push
    on the NOD base. Make sure that you have sufficient numbers first, but
    then storm the place. You should have such a large force that nothing
    survives, and you will have completed another mission.

    Mission 3: Capturing Train Station

    This is a bit of a toughie, and it is the first time that you will experience
    numerical poverty. This might take a bit of getting used to, compared to the
    relative riches of the last level. Here you must make the most of what you
    are given, so don't go wasting your soldiers' lives.

    Take your light infantry and head north. Take the two civilian settlements
    you find here, whereupon you will be rewarded with reinforcements. You
    will notice on this level that you have a medic. Treat him well, and keep him
    out of harm's way. He can heal any wounded soldiers, so is an excellent
    addition to your hardy group of fighters. Although he should not be exposed
    to danger, keep him near to the action so that you can treat anyone who
    gets wounded.

    Head to the east next, then south back down the road bridge. Keep
    following the road up to the north, using an engineer to fix the broken
    section. When you find the train track in the far north, follow it south. Kill
    the NOD forces and destroy the structures by the station. Don't forget to
    pull out when you are getting beaten so that your medic can fix up your men
    ready for a renewed push. Try to concentrate on those lethal lasers first,
    then take out the rest of the NOD forces and use an engineer to occupy the

    Mission 4: Secure Crash Site

    On this mission, you must secure the area where the alien ship has landed -
    where are Mulder and Scully when you need them?

    Set up your base near to the Tiberium that you enter the region close to.
    Get a radar functional, along withbarracks and a refinery. The minimum
    force you should go with here is 20 disc throwers, two medics and five
    engineers. Take out any NOD troops in the settlement immediately north of
    you, then head to the east. When you reach the next civilian settlement,
    destroy the gates, but don't go south just yet. Instead, follow the bridges
    round and take over the well defended research points. When this is done,
    head south through the gates you destroyed earlier. Take the alien site to
    complete the level.

    Mission 5: Defend Crash Site

    This is a simple level - you just have to defend the crash area until time runs
    out. Spend all your cash on disc throwers, and try to split your forces in
    three. One should defend the south, one the north, and one should stay
    between the two to pick off survivors. It is important not to chase the NOD
    troops if they fall back, as they will nip around your men if you aren't
    careful. Be careful of the massed assault they will launch just before the end
    of the level, but you should have enough men to defend the base by then.

    Tip on Mission 5 on GDI

    Do not let the NOD forces anywhere near your base and crash site. Split your forces into 5 separate groups. Put 1 next to the entrance, 1 next to the power plant, 1 on the cliffs above the radar,1 on the west side of the crash site and have the last group hanging around inside your base waiting for any tunneling APCs.(recommended group size= 1 Wolverine, 6 Discthrowers and 14 Light Infantry.)

    Mission 6: Destroy Radar Array

    As on the other "strike" missions, you have a limited force, so be careful.
    Most important is to keep your medic healthy, and not to use your
    machines just yet.

    To the south, past the relay station, is a NOD base. This is your first target,
    NOT the relay station itself. Get your disc throwers together, and take out
    the lasers fist. Drop back and use the medic as required, but you should be
    able to destroy the buildings and vehicles in the base without losing any
    units. Look out for wandering vehicles supporting the base from the north,

    When the base is destroyed, use your disc throwers to take out the
    southern relay station. When it is destroyed, take out the eastern relay
    station using only your ground troops again. You will receive reinforcements
    when you destroy each relay, but you are still on a tight budget - use that
    medic wisely!

    Once the eastern station is destroyed, show the same treatment to the
    western station. This site is the best defended, so use your machines too, in
    a massed attack.

    Heal up the wounded, then destroy the large radar site in the centre. The
    level is complete once everything is destroyed in the central section, so
    leave nothing standing!

    When you come to the Nod Base to the south, go south and you will see some kind of green pig-like animals.DO NOT TRY TO KILL THEM. They will wipe out your enire party in no time.Take one of your units and slowly creep up on them. When they start to move, follow them with your mouse.They will destroy some of the Nod units for you.

    Mission 7: Rescue Tratos

    This truly is a game of two halves. To begin with, you must be stealthy.
    Then you can go mad with a huge fight!

    At the start of the level, sneak west. Kill the first couple of NOD troops,
    and make sure that you reach the attack buggy before the next set of NOD
    men do - if they get away, your mission is over! Shortly after this, you will
    be joined by the mutant sheep-type thingy in the next field - a useful fighter.

    Next, attack the base to the north of the area with the tower. Kill the man
    there, and destroy the vehicles. You can then destroy the generator which
    powers the search light. Using just your foot soldiers, try to lure the
    remaining forces round the corner of the checkpoint, so you can destroy
    them away from that lethal laser. When there is just the laser to go, attack it
    with the buggy and the sheep, taking it out as quickly as you can.

    Head west along the road until you reach the hospital area. Kill the lone
    soldier in the encampment to the south, then use your sapper to blow up the
    generator, letting you into the hospital grounds. You really just need to stay
    alive until the clock reaches zero now, and as soon as Tratos appears, leg
    it! You will need to keep an eye on him, as he falls behind your men and
    gets a bit confused. Get him back to the rescue site.

    Once he is gone, reinforcements are dropped to the north. Set up your base
    near to the Tiberium fields there, and build barracks and a war factory. Get
    up a decent sized army of disc throwers and Titans, then go all out to
    destroy the NOD troops hiding to the north. There is no urgent rush, so
    take the time to build up a really impressive force first, as the battle will be
    tough. When it is over, victory on this level is yours!

    Mission 8: Destroy Vega's Dam

    This is another level with limited resources. You must be careful not to lose
    too many units. To begin with, head to the south west of the area, so that
    you can get over the section with the broken bridges. Take out the enemy
    camp there, and push northwards, over another bridge. On the far side, you
    need to take out the two generators on either side of the dam.
    Reinforcements do arrive, but they are thin on the ground. Be careful, and
    be ruthless! Keep your men tight together, except for the engineers, and
    attack the lasers and NOD troops as one large unit. You should have
    enough firepower to pull the mission off.

    OR---At the 8th mission, it will be easier to destroy the 2nd generator in the nod base if u keep 2 engineers at hand, one to take over the construction yard in the nod base u encounter b4 the 2nd generator, and one to take over the refinary. After that, build a power plant, build a hand of nod for engineers to take over the enemy's hand of nod, or just blow it up, and a war factory.. build one tick tank and one artillary and position it at the middle of the two bridges, deploy them and happy killing the generator!

    Level 9 GDI

    To power down the obelisk, at the beginning of the mission, position one of the mrls next to a laser at the top of the cliff at the lower left. It will attack a devil's tongue and hit the base. there will be a powering down sound and the power plants in the mini base are gone. Nod will then sell its obelisk.
    Info submitted by chye on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 00:56:44


    OK, go up then take out 3 bikes and the 4 wheeler. Then destroy the laser beam and radar. then if you position it right you can create a snw slide and destroy the power-generators that power the obilisk... the rest you can read from the others that can be read here.

    OR Beat Level 9 - this really works!

    For those having trouble with GDI mission 9,
    here's how to beat it - don't capture the
    radar. Don't destroy it, either. Just go
    around it, shoot out the cliff, and you will
    be able to destroy all three power plants
    without the artillery shooting at you. Then
    you can get past the obelisk. Capture the small base (or don't, whatever) and take your
    Amphib. APC as well as any MLRS you have left north, around the top of the screen, and right into Hammerfest Base.
    Info submitted by
    Mike ( on Sunday, September 26, 1999 at 17:15:39

    Mission 10: destroy the locomotive

    I know this is really easy for some, but for those who need this - here goes

    First, capture the Hand of Nod on the hill using your engineers. Then float your 3 hovercrafts down passed the enemy don't stop to attack - you'll be blown away. Desroy the Locomotive so it can't go anywhere. build 10 light infantry and ten rocketlaucher infantry. Take out the units in the way. There are two lasers. Destroy them one at a time Then finish of the rest of the train.

    Info submitted by Paul Devers on Friday, September 17, 1999 at 22:20:43

    Walk-through for level 10

    On the Destroy the Train level, there is a much easier way to win. Take your hover MLRS's south after you capture the hand of NOD. Then take them along the river until they are under the bridge. From there, you can destroy most of the train, and the bridge, too if they manage to rebuild it. Then just take your time destroying all the units, watching your MLRS's so that they are out of range if the enemy tries to take them out. Simple!

  • PC | Submitted by paul clarke

    Attacking Strategy

    Firstly,send 10 disc throwers into the base to uncover it. Take in three devils tongues and destroy base as much as you can, prefably the construction yard then send in your army well you Know the rest

  • PC | Submitted by Zuar

    Ghost Stalker Trick

    Take a Ghosstalker.Find a citiy.You must find first your enemy. It must be near the biulding or it wont work.Take the Ghos stalker and make it go to the biulding.An icon of a remote must u seen when u move the Ghos near a biulding and it will bomb the biulding.(IT IS BETTER NEAR A BLUE TIBIREAN FIELD AND ONLY WORKS ON CITY"S BIULDING)

  • PC | Submitted by Chris

    Attacking strategy

    When you're attacking make 3-4 teams of ten units.Don't just send all you're units at once or they will just get shot down one by one. Instead attack from the sides, back, and front all at once. Also attack the opponent where there is lesser defense. Also if they have a lot of artilerys build 5-10 air craft units and take out their artilerys before you attack.

  • PC | Submitted by Stewart Chamberlain

    Chemical Missile Trick

    When using a Chemical missile try to fire it into a flat areas, because if it is cratered the clouds will move into the crater and stay there and they cannot travel up hill.

  • PC | Submitted by Tribal

    Easy way to beat stealth base defence

    An easy way to beat the stealth genarator of an enemy base is to simply fly in a mobile sensor array with a carry-all (as GDI, or just drive one in as NOD). This will uncover the base and allow you're units to blow up the base. The sensor unit will last for ages as for some reason the computer never attacks it much!

  • PC | Submitted by A-Kaine

    Take Out a Mammoth MK 2 With Ease

    I'm sure youve seen the tactic where you turn on the FireStorm or Laser Fence as soon as the Mammoth crosses over them, but what if you dont have any of those? Here is a way to try to kill the Mammoth MK2. The Mammoth MK2 as you know has dual railguns, but these railguns cant fire up or down terrain, only on level or slightly level terrain. So if a crater or depression is made in the ground try to get your units into it and fire at the Mammoth MK2. The railguns will hit the ground and you wont take damage. Either that or send your units to all out rush the Mammoth MK2, but make sure they aren't in a line or the railguns will go straight through and kill them.
    Optionally, of you are NOD, you can try and be slick and use some ginnea pig unit to distract the Mammoth MK 2 and then send a Mutant HiJacker into it.

  • PC | Submitted by Chris S

    Terrain Leveler

    I don't think this really counts as a cheat, but it'll be really useful to someone, so it's worth it. Anyway, if you are playing as NOD, and have Artillery units, you can make them force-fire at annoyingly rocky terrain. After a few salvos, the ground will give way under the ballistic charges, and it will sink slightly(one level). This is useful if you deployed in a mountainous area, and need some extra room to build. Also, both sides can use their missles or ion cannon for the same purpose, although missles have a large area of affect, so its up to you.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by joshquinn

    Destroy Any Enemy Base Structure

    If you are GDI, firstly, stay hidden and get a lot of defenses until you have 3 or 4 Arca Bombers. Send out some light infantry to uncover the base, then, when you have the Ion Cannon, send the Arca Bombers just out of range of fire. Then fire the Ion Cannon on a strong structure, their main base. It is now about only a third of its full health. As soon as you release the Ion cannon, send the bombers and and go straight to the main base and bomb it, and, send them back, and get ready for some enemy infantry to come at your base. Its almost impossible to win from there, seeing as they cannot make any more structures, and keep doing the Ion cannon trick, next to the War Factory.

  • PC | Submitted by J.Black

    Infinite Troops

    (Someone tell us if this works or not!)
    During the second mission build exactly 68 infantry to allow you infinite troops on the 12 mission (make sure the troops dont die or get injured or the cheat is invalid).