Saga finally returns later this month with an all-new arc: "We’re especially excited to show readers where 12-year-old Hazel and her family are headed next"

Saga #67
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Writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples' beloved sci-fi comic Saga is finally resuming, with Saga #67 releasing in just a few weeks. The fan-favorite, critically acclaimed title last released a new issue in September of last year, marking an almost 10 month hiatus by the time Saga #67 arrives.

With the series' return also comes a new storyline, kicking off the 12th 'chapter' of the ongoing series, which creator Vaughan has said will run for 108 issues total, over the course of its lifespan.

"In this exciting new installment, Saga readers will follow 12-year-old Hazel as she embarks on the most important adventure of her young life," reads Image's official description of Saga #67.

Here's a gallery of covers for Saga #67-70, all four upcoming issues announced so far:

Saga has taken a few hiatuses during its run, which launched all the way back in 2012, primarily to allow Vaughan and Staples to remain the sole creators of the entire run, rather than pushing deadlines with fill-ins or sub-par work. There was also an extended hiatus from 2018-2022 in which Vaughaun and Staples worked on other creations.

"A lot of comic characters remain frozen in time, but Fiona and I wanted to tell a story where characters would age, change and evolve over the years, as would our series," says Vaughan in a statement. "We're especially excited to show readers where 12-year-old Hazel and her family are headed next, and we hope readers will continue to support their local retailers by following our heroes’ adventure in 'real time' with these new issues, my favorites yet."

Saga #67 goes on sale July 31.

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