Comic Heroes Issue 7

Holy power rings, Batfans, there's a whole heap of Bat-action in the next issue of Comic Heroes ...

The history of Gotham's premier animal-themed vigilante is examined in detail in Comic Heroes this month, as we delve deep into 70 years worth of Bat-history . As well as an in-depth look at Batman's comic history, we find out how Batman Live is looking and re-live Bruce Wayne's big-screen outings.

As if that wasn't enough Bat-based goodness, we've got an exclusive interview with Grant Morrison where he discusses his take on the caped crusader, and we've even had a chat with the creators of the upcoming Arkham City game.

We've also got our usual array of spectacular free gifts, including our regular Sidekick previews comic, a giant double-sided poster (featuring The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Judge Dredd ) and a glow in the dark Green Lantern power ring .

Elsewhere we take a look at another famous vigilante, The Punisher , revel in the art of Frank Quitely , speak to classic Transformers writer Simon Furman , have a chat with French fabulist Winshluss about his twisted new take on Pinnochio , re-evaluate Silver Age Marvel , and examine how to letter comics .

All of this comic goodness, as well as our usual crop of reviews, news and comic-based banter, can be found at your local news-sheet emporium from Monday 27th June, or alternatively can be downloaded from Zinio right here . You can also order a print copy of this edition over the internet if you're struggling to find it in your local store.