Colin Trevorrow explains Jurassic World sequel comments

Last week we brought you news that Colin Trevorrow would not be returning for any prospective Jurassic World sequels, leading some to speculate that the director’s experience may not have been a wholly positive one. However, in a new interview with The Playlist, Trevorrow has explained that it was simply the desire to make many different types of films that led him to that decision…

“That’s something that Steven [Spielberg] and I talked about a long time ago,” says Trevorrow of the sequel issue. “And it’s a decision that we made early on in the process, because Steven was aware of how important it was to me to have a body of work and to exist in different worlds and to make different kinds of films. That’s a privilege that he’s had over the course of his career.”

“I didn’t want to lose that privilege and just become the Jurassic Park guy for an entire decade,” continues the director. “Also, I poured everything I had into this. I laid it all out and you put a piece of your soul into these movies. I gave this one a lot.” Not that he’s about to walk away altogether, mind…

“We built this thing, and I’m not just going to walk away and leave them flailing with it,” he says. “It really is important to me to ground it. Maybe that does mean that I’ll do some writing. We’re not exactly sure what form that’s going to take, and it might just be helping guide it forward creatively, but I really did try to imbue this movie with some ideas that would help us move forward.”

Co-starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio, Jurassic World will open in the UK on Thursday, and the US the following day.

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