Clooney's legal trouble

Socially conscious and morally deep thrillers and dramas can tend to have a rough time of it at the box office – neither Syriana nor The Interpreter exactly set the box office on fire – but there’s clearly still a market for it.

And into that genre we now welcome what must count as one of the least hyped George Clooney movies ever – Michael Clayton. A trailer has at last popped up for the film, which marks the directing debut of Bourne franchise scribe Tony Gilroy.

With the likes of Sydney Pollack, Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilkinson also in the cast, it’s a knotty legal drama that sees Clooney’s Clayton asked to clear up a mess caused in a multi-million dollar suit against a weed killer firm. But as he digs deeper into the matter, Clayton starts to question his own ethics…

Find the footage here .

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )