Shark robot vacuum deal is done for now, but these Amazon savings make up for it


You missed the boat on saving $280 on Shark's self-emptying robot vacuum, but there are still plenty of great options if you want your house to start cleaning itself for a change. Amazon is currently hosting deals on two of ILIFE's most popular robot vacuums, including a model that adds in mopping action and another that uses intelligent floor mapping to eliminate missed spots. 

Or if you're looking for even more robo-vac options, you can find savings on the whole Coredy line - you should especially check out the G800, which offers total savings of $115 as long as you click the coupon button for an extra $35 off.

We'll leave the old Shark deal up lower in this article just in case Amazon decides to bring it back later as a Cyber Monday deal.

If you could choose whether to spend more time playing video games or more time vacuuming, you'd pick the video games, right? Vacuuming is the ideal thankless job to delegate to a robot so you can spend more time doing stuff you actually like. Ordinarily you'd have to drop an arm and a leg on a robot vacuum that will get anywhere close to truly, reliably cleaning your floors, but a special Cyber Monday deal on Amazon will hook you up with a Shark IQ self-emptying robotic vacuum for nearly half off its usual price. 

The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL has a few features that set it apart from the little robotic vacuums that have been doing their best (which was often faint praise) to keep carpets clean for decades.

First, your robot can not only charge at its base station, it can empty out its tank into the stationary reservoir. This means you can go up to 30 days without even thinking about anything vacuum-related. Second, it makes an automatic map of your home that lets it more thoroughly clean every part of each room instead of bouncing around randomly. And third, it has hair-resistant fins which will keep it from getting totally mired in pet or people hairs. Letting the robots take over the vacuuming is extra worthwhile when you can knock 47% off the MSRP, as well.

Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL:$599.99

Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL: $599.99 $319.99 at Amazon (save $280)
Make your home clean itself for a change, or upgrade your robo-vac solution with this clever Shark model that lets you ignore it while it does its thing for up to 30 days. Cutting the standard price down by nearly half makes this deal hard to ignore.

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