Classic Warhammer is back next year, and I can't wait based on the latest reveal

A Bretonnian Army, laid out on a green field
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This weekend saw the return of Warhammer Day, and it delivered plenty of reveals across the range. But if you ask me, its most exciting announcement wasn't anything to do with 40K,  Age of Sigmar, or Kill Team. Instead, it was getting a better look at The Old World - a game that's been kept in a proverbial lockbox until now.

For almost a year, we'd only gotten morsels of information on The Old World. But during the event, we got our best look yet at a project that resurrects the company's original, now-discontinued wargame (y'know, the one with square bases and blocky troop formations). As someone that's followed the hobby since he was knee high and missed the game's end in 2015, its return is like seeing an old friend again. There's a sense of unhinged grunginess to classic Warhammer that's hard to find anywhere else, so seeing minis both new and old get the spotlight was a highlight of Warhammer Day for me. Sure, the system's not arriving in time for the upcoming Black Friday Warhammer deals as I'd hoped. But still, I'll take it.

Of course, it wasn't the only eye-catching announcement. (The Old World was just my standout.) To catch you up on everything that was unveiled, I've put together a roundup below. Here's what you missed.

The Old World gets a release date and Bretonnia reinforcements

Knights of the Realm on foot rally around their standard and champion

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Warhammer Day gave us our best look yet at the models of The Old World (which is the return of old-school Warhammer Fantasy Battles, FYI), alongside a release window. More specifically, we'll be hitting the battlefields of the World That Was in 'early' 2024. That could mean anything from January to April, but at least we have a better idea of when it'll all kick off now.

Anyway. Alongside that, we got a really good look at many of the units Bretonnian generals will be fielding. Besides the handful of models that have already been revealed, we're getting a rather dashing (and highly customizable) Lord on Pegasus to lead your troops alongside revamped Knights of the Realm on Foot. These tap into that quirky feel we don't see as much of in Warhammer Fantasy's replacement game Age of Sigmar, complete with helmets that feature wonderfully impractical decorations. Could you move with a massive reliquary on your head? Absolutely not, but I love it nonetheless. It's classic Warhammer at its best, much like the recent Cities of Sigmar. 

As for the rest of the army, it's being bulked out by units we've seen before - they've just been recast (and in the case of some, bundled together so you get a full unit rather than a smaller row of troops). These reinforcements include the classic Peasant Bowmen, Men-At-Arms, and Trebuchet. Joining them are the Pegasus Knights and Knights of the Realm on horseback - which do admittedly look dated compared to the newer, on-foot equivalents. Perhaps we'll eventually get revamped versions?

Either way, there are still some more reveals to come. With any luck, a similar pulling back of the curtain will happen for the undead Tomb Kings. (Which is the only other army getting new units for the time being.)

New Kill Team box brings back a fan-favorite

Striking Scorpions engage in a fight with Space Marine Scouts

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We've not had new Striking Scorpion models for the Aeldari space elves in… well, a long time. With that in mind, the fact that we're getting a fresh batch for the latest Kill Team box set (dubbed 'Salvation') will make fans of the faction take notice. 

These plastic models are going to be released separately down the line and used in Aeldari armies for Warhammer 40K 10th Edition (which we gave our thoughts about here), but for now, these warriors are a fearsome-looking Kill Team in their own right. If nothing else, the sculpts are so much more dynamic than their predecessors. Here's hoping this is a taste of things to come for players of what used to be called 'the Eldar.'

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Ahead of their solo launch at some point in the future, these revised Striking Scorpions will come packaged in this Kill Team boxset with a band of Space Marine Scouts. We've seen those models before, so followers of the Emperor's angels can rest easy knowing they've not missed anything.

As per the Warhammer Day stream, you'll be able to pair both with extensive sea rig terrain based on the Kill Team aquatic seasonal backdrop, though this is sold separately. Basically, that new season is a good jumping-on point because it tells a new story.

More Codexes are coming soon, along with showstopping heroes

An armored warrior with a skull head sits atop a roaring dragon

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

Following on from the release of the alien Tyranid and Space Marine Codexes for Warhammer 40K, the next wave of books has been announced. Adeptus Mechanicus (cyborg members of the human Imperium) and the Necrons (space skeletons by any other name) are up this time, and they're crammed with lore expanding on both factions as well as datasheets, Crusade rules, Detachments, and more.

The thing I'm most interested in are the new models that accompany them, however - and when you see those new sculpts, that may not be a surprise. The Adeptus Mechanicus are being given the Sydonian Skatros, a trooper that is best described as a sniping cyborg on massive stilts. They're joined by a massively souped-up version of Imotekh the Stormlord, a Necron leader that's come a long, long way since the rather bulky resin version we had before. These are both very head-turning centerpieces for your armies.

40K wasn't the only game on the receiving end of new miniatures, though. In Age of Sigmar, the skeletal Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn (trying saying that quickly) is rejoining those fantasy Space Marines, the Stormcast Eternals, astride an impressively gnarly dragon that looks as if it's designed to be your force's showstopper. Similarly, Belthanos, First Thorn of Kurnoth (read: a huge tree-man with a massive spear and cloak of leaves), arrives for the Slyvaneth armies… but he's riding a huge bug. These are both on their way in honor of the current campaign, Dawnbringers.

For recommendations on what to play until these arrive, check out the best board games or these must-have board games for adults. Trying to get into Warhammer for the first time, on the other hand? Don't miss our guide to the Warhammer 40K Starter Sets.

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