Classic Lego Disney sets might be coming back for Disney100

The fully-constructed Lego 'Up' House on a wooden table, in a colorful setting with flowers and patchwork blankets
(Image credit: Lego)

A load of new Disney Lego sets have been announced to tie in with Disney100, ranging from Minifigure packs featuring classic characters to a version of the Up house - but more could be on the way.

Originally teased at the beginning of 2023, the brand has been steadily unveiling more Disney Lego sets for the celebration over the last few months (such as the Disney100 Celebration Brick Headz, including lost icon Oswald the Lucky Rabbit). 

A fresh wave of blind-bag Minifigures is leading the charge for $4.99 / £3.49 a pop from Lego this May 1, featuring everything from old-school Sorcerer Mickey to characters from Coco. However, a brick-based version of the Up house is also coming later this year. Complete with Minifigs for Doug, Russel, Carl (and a squirrel for Doug to obsess over, naturally), this kit is joining the best Lego sets on shelves on April 1. It'll cost $59.99 direct from Lego and £49.99 in the UK

A collection of Lego Minifigures for the Disney100 celebration

(Image credit: Lego)

That doesn't look like the end of it, though. One tweet from the official Lego account says that it's going into the Disney100 celebration with "heart-warming memories and unforgettable moments recreated and rediscovered" over the top of footage showing existing or older kits such as the Steamboat Willie set (portraying Mickey Mouse's first appearance back in 1928), Encanto's Mirabelle from the Casita boxset, Elsa from Frozen, and more. 

As some of these have been retired or are harder to get hold of nowadays, is it possible they'll be coming back? As an example, the Minnie shown during the montage is pretty similar to the one included in the Disney Train and Station set (based on the Disneyland/Disney World Railroad which takes guests around the parks). Since it's no longer available and regularly goes for hundreds of dollars on eBay, getting an updated version would be welcome. The same is true of the Toy Story Woody Minifig, which we haven't seen since the Toy Story 4 range a while back.

With any luck, the same could be true of the iconic Disney Castle. That one was first introduced in 2016 and went into retirement last year, so Disney100 is the perfect opportunity to bring in a new and improved version.

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