Chuck Russell reworking Arabian Nights

Chuck Russell is getting back into swords and sandal-style filmmaking with a new version of Arabian Nights - and he wants it in 3D.

It's been seven years since Russell made The Scorpion King and it looks like he wants to stick with desert tales.

He's nabbed a budget of $70 million for a script he wrote with Barry P Ambrose that puts a new spin on the classic story.

The plot will follow a young commander who sees his king killed in a palace coup, then joins forces with Sinbad, Aladdin and the genie to rescue the kingdom and Queen Scheherazade from the usual dark powers.

"Through the use of a new generation of visual technologies, we will be able to quite literally take audiences around the world on a magic carpet ride," Russell told Variety.

Quite literally? Really? Mobile cinemas situated on actual magic carpets? Cool!

We're really not sure the tales need updating with fancy, flashy new cinema tech, but that won't stop Russell - he plans to kick off shooting in April…

[Source: Variety ]

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