Chlo Grace Moretz battles aliens in new The 5th Wave trailer

Chloë Grace Moretz makes use off her Kick-Ass fighting skills in a new trailer for The 5th Wave.

The Carrie star finds herself in the midst of an alien invasion in J. Blakeson's new action film, but instead of keeping her head down she takes matters into her own hands when her little brother is taken.

The new trailer does a neat job of establishing the various “waves” of mayhem inflicted on Earth by the invaders, as we see disease and destruction wrought upon our fair planet before the “others” start to take over human hosts. The sneaky bastards!

Check out the new trailer below…

Adapted from Rick Yancey’s popular YA series there are some familiar themes coming through (teenage girl leading an uprising; potential love triangle on the cards), but the disaster movie set-up represents something of a new spin on the genre. Expect sequels… lots of sequels.

Co-starring Maika Monroe, Nick Robinson and Live Schreiber, The 5th Wave will open in the US on January 15 2016 and the UK on January 22 2016.

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