Child of Eden delayed on PS3, but Move and 3D support confirmed

We loved Child of Eden. Really, we did, calling theXbox 360 version“gorgeous†and a “great use of Kinect.†But our passion for the spiritual successor to the equally beloved but also criminally overlooked Rez didn’t quite translate in the broader market.

Now gamers have a chance to redeem themselves with the PS3 release, hopefully purchasing more than the paltry24,000 copiessold during June when the 360 version launched. Coming out September 27 (a week later than what had been previously believed), the PS3 Eden will also come with a few nifty enhancements, including Move support and stereoscopic 3D.

Above: Director Tetsuya Mizuguchi gives a Moving appeal to enjoy his game

And if that’s not enough, we’ve learned about one other nifty enhancement to the PS3 version: Instead of just having one controller pulsing to the beat, the PS3 Eden will include a “Trance†option that allows a player to connect up to 7 controllers and have them all vibrating in kind. Perfect for, uh, extending the unique sensory pleasures this game offers.

It’s all part of the effort to save Project Lumi, an artificial personality created inside of Eden, the repository of all human memories, which has been invaded by a virus—ah, heck, we can’t figure out the story either. But we do know it’s an utterly unique, profoundly pretty, and undeniably compelling take on an on-rails music-enhanced shooter.

Aug 12, 2011