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Check out new Anthem E3 2018 gameplay and try to work out what the hell this thing is

Here's new Anthem (opens in new tab) gameplay from E3 2018, featuring more of those Freelancer exosuit mech in action, number-popping combat and some of the different classes in action. This is most of an early mission in the game as the players explore, battle enemies and uncover a boss encounter with a building sized space tick. (The latter half of the video is the previous year's gameplay, just so you've got it all in one place.)

This new gameplay shows off more of the four different mech suits in Anthem that define your class. From left to right in the image below these are Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor - respectively default, tank, magic and speed. 

As you'd expect Ranger is the go to basic grunt, Colossus is doing stuff like pounding the ground with shells and using its armour to charge through mines, while Storm seems to teleport around, and Interceptor is all about being very fast.  

It's a much clearer look at some very Destiny 2 (opens in new tab)-like gameplay - namely that four player co-op loop of killing mobs of enemies and building towards a big boss in search of loot. Given that Destiny 2's currently struggling to regain a disinterested player base, Anthem's release date of February 22, 2019 should be tiny bit concerning for Bungie. 

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