Check out most of Super Nintendo World in these 20 new videos

A series of 20 new videos offers by far our best look yet at Super Nintendo World, including the Mario Kart and Yoshi rides, the Power-Up bands, the food from the cafe and snack bar, and a whole bunch more.

The folks at Universal Parks News Today were lucky enough to go to Super Nintendo World before it opens, and they were gracious enough to film the whole thing so that we all get a surprisingly comprehensive video tour. The full selection of videos explores a wide variety of rides and attractions, but keep in mind they could make up the bulk of the experience, so it's probably best to avoid this stuff if you're planning on going in fresh.

If you don't mind a good preview of the park, check out the UPNT YouTube channel for the full selection of videos, and I'll leave a few of the highlights below.

Super Nintendo World Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge

Right off the bat, you'll notice the set pieces are jaw-droppingly awesome. Everything nails the aesthetic of modern Mario games, and it's as if there aren't any seams in the world at all. 

That said, the Mario Kart ride uses Augmented Reality (AR) glasses to make it more immersive, and it's impossible to translate that experience to video, so the above video definitely isn't capturing the full potential of the Super Nintendo World Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge attraction.

Super Nintendo World Yoshi's Adventure ride

Since there's no AR tech here, this video gives a clearer idea of what to expect from the ride, and it looks downright sublime. It's a chilled-out, slow-paced stroll through indoor and outdoor parts of the park, and it offers a good view of the whole park and its size for reference.

Super Nintendo World cafe food

Here we get an in-depth look at every menu item at Super Nintendo Land's Kinopio Cafe, and it all looks too cute to eat. There's the Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl (pizza... bowl?), the Question Block Tiramisu, the Bowser's Shell Hamburger Steak, some drinks, and more. The presenter gives pretty thorough, objective reviews of all the items, and it sounds like it's all good stuff, varying for taste.

Meeting the star characters of Super Nintendo World

It wouldn't be a trip to Super Nintendo World without meeting the Mario brothers and co., and thankfully we get to see what that's like here. The costumes look really authentic, and naturally the actors stay in character the whole time, trotting around and emoting in that signature Nintendo fashion. They all have what sounds like pre-canned verbal expressions from the English voice actors, and they each hang out in their own settings for photo ops.

Super Nintendo World was set to open in Osaka's Universal Studios on February 4, but due to a spike of coronavirus cases and an emergency order affecting the area, the park's opening has been delayed indefinitely. Other locations are planned for Universal Studios Hollywood and the upcoming Universal's Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort, but one can only imagine those will take quite a bit longer to open.

For now, check out this work-in-progress Super Nintendo World build coming to MInecraft.

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