This cheap 4K TV deal costs just $350 for a 49-inch LG Smart screen

This cheap 4K TV deal costs just $350 for a 49-inch LG Smart screen
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If you're on the hunt for a cheap 4K TV deal, Best Buy has got you covered; this LG 49-inch 7 series Smart TV is only $349.99 at the moment, which is a decent $50 saving compared to the original price. Although it may not seem like a tremendous discount, being able to get a 4K screen from a reliable manufacturer for less than $400 is a bargain no matter how you slice it - the best gaming TVs are often a whole lot more expensive.

If you ask us, this cheap 4K TV deal is the best of the non-premium screens you can get right now if you aren't able to stretch to a full OLED panel. In fact, the LG 49" 7 series is one of the best small TVs for gaming you can get your hands on; it's excellent value for sharp, colorful visuals, packs an IPS screen that offers a good experience even when watching from an angle, and is dangerously affordable. You'd struggle to find better quality at such a low cost. It's a bargain on a 2019 model, and easy to justify at well under $400.

Cheap 4K TV deal

LG 49" 4K 7 series Smart TV | $349.99 at Best Buy (save $50)

LG 49" 4K 7 series Smart TV | $349.99 at Best Buy (save $50)
This earns our recommendation as one of the better gaming TVs on the market right now, so it's nice to see it getting a discount.

For those who also have a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, you'll also be able to play your games in super-sharp 4K resolution. Because the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be 4K-compatible as standard, it's a good way of future-proofing yourself. You'll be able to enjoy your Disney Plus sign-up in 4K Ultra-HD on this panel as well, so that's neat. And all for $350? Nice.

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