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Charlize Theron is back for Hancock 2

We've known that a sequel to Hancock was on the cards for a while now, but director Peter Berg has just confirmed what we also suspected - Will Smith and Charlize Theron will definitely star again.

Given that the first film - despite some mixed reviews - gobbled up $628 million in worldwide box office, it was not exactly shocking to learn that Universal wanted more.

The plot for the second film (beware spoilers if you've never seen the first one) involves Smith and Theron - revealed near the end of the original to be immortal gods who become vulnerable when they're near each other - discovering a third member of their race on Earth.

And according to Berg, he's already got his eye on a well-known name to fill that part. ""We have someone in mind," Berg tells MTV. "I'm not gonna tell you who, but we have!"


[Source: MTV ]

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