Characters that fit snugly into Ivy's bra [PICS]

You know,we've been playing with Ivy for almost exactly eight years now. And yet every time we play,we're still taken aback by quite how big her boobs are. Ivy is a Big Girl. So, seeing as her boobs seem to be getting bigger with each new game, we thought we should examine them in more detail.

We were going to go with science. You know, to work out exact things they were as big as, the ratio of boob size to head size or maybe make a filmstrip to show how they've got bigger over the years, but then we thought 'no'. Let's cast asidescience and the sterility of accuracy. Let's throw off the shackles of Darwinistic research.

Let's just see how many different game characters we can cram into her Double-E cups.

And so we did.

Please note: No game characters were harmed in the making of this feature. Well, except for the Pikmin on Page 3. Rest in peace.

Well... you'd look pleased too, wouldn't you? Lucky Kirby is squishy enough to defy gravity and stay slung in that precarious harness. And no, we didn't add the blushes. He's just never got inside a girl's bra before.

It's all very well saying that, Ivy, but how are Sonic and Tails going tobreathe in there? Someone should call the authorities on this terrible mammary... sorry, mammal abuse.

That should probably read 'EE Cup Noodles'. They're very filling. Oh, by the way, that white thing's an Xbox 360 - that's how big we're talking, here.

Super monkey boobs! Mi Mi and Gon Gon look a little shaken up from all that bouncy combat. Still, you know what they say - monkey see, monkey boob.

Justin Towell

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