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    Submitted by Rockin N Deep (Max)

Championship Manager 4 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Big_small_boi_mez

    A Managers Tip

    If your a manager and you are struggling with middle class players then listen:
    Say if you are a club like Liverpool and you have some decent players like eto'o or maybe Joaquin and ronal dinho and you really want someone like makalele and maybe ronaldo or kluivert and u offer ý50 million for the player and the club excepts and you use ý0 million cheat and they do not except the contract then all you do to get the player is simply add manager.If you add manager and control say real Madrid all you have to do is give a few warning or fines to players maybe ronaldo and makalele and they want to leave the club. Now its time for you to make a bid for ronaldo and the others. I have tried this with Liverpool and he wants about ý90,000 a week but he will except ý65,000.
    It normally works with any club as long as you create the game with the divisions you want the players from.

  • PC | Submitted by Big_small_boi_mez

    Free Transfer Cheat

    Load up a database with Italy, Spain and England ( because they have the best players) Start as whoever you want and make sure u have sufficient wage totals. Then add a new manager as Real Madrid or someone class. As your 1st team, make a bid of ý0 for Zidane, lets say. Then change to Real Madrid and accept the offer. After this, offer him a good contract. Then if you have signed all the players of Real Madrid you want and they are on your original squad retire from Real Madrid and carry on as your Dream Team!

  • PC | Submitted by tony

    Manage Any Country!

    To manage any country you like ,all you have to do is click on add manager, and when the team select screen appears, click on any team, e.g chelsea, then sort the players by there nationality, then say you click on Petit, you then click on where it says he is franch, and the amount of caps he has, then you click control team in the corner!
    this cheat works! say you want to manage Australia, you just go on leeds, click on viduka and click on his nationality, and there you have it, the Australian team!

  • PC | Submitted by Kevin Navickas

    Good Players to Buy

    Here is a list of great players to buy for Championship Manager 4:
    Carlo Cudicini(GK)Chelsea
    Iker Casillas(GK)Real madrid
    Lilian Thuram(DR/C)Juventus
    Roberto Carlos(DL)Real Madrid
    Phillipe Mexes(DC)Auxerre
    Ronaldinho(AML)Paris SG
    Luis Figo(AML/R)Real Madrid
    Joe cole(MC)West Ham
    Joaquin(AMR)Real Betis
    Christian Vieri(FC)Inter Milan
    David Trezeguet(FC)Juventus
    Play the two forwards together and they will score many goals.
    I bought these on a free transfer by using the cheat below:
    First,go to quick search and type the players name in.Then click on his name and go to actions on the bottom right hand of the screen.Offer something he can't refuse like ý50 million and when they accept and allow you to offer him a contract go to offer him a contract box and click on it.DON'T OFFER HIM THE CONTRACT YET!Go to the players name at the top left of the screen and click on it.Go back to actions on the bottom right and withdraw the transfer bid.When you have done that go again back to actions and make a new bid of ýo.You will then go back to the players stats screen.Then click on the back arrow on the top left and you should go back to the contract page.If the player want to come to your club he will say what he wants at the top of the screen.If he isn't interested in a move then you need to offer him something special.

  • PC | Submitted by A Friend

    Good Young Players

    These players are all worth less than 7million, and all less than 23 years old
    (database must be on large)
    Name Club Age
    Sychev Marseille 18
    Hubschman Sparta B 20
    Magnin Werder Bremen 23
    Tjikuzu Werder Bremen 22
    Banovic Werder Bremen 21
    Berbatov Leverkusen 21
    Vranjes Leverkusen 21
    Poulsen Schalke 04 22
    Laizans CSKA 23
    Izmailov Lokomotiv Moscow 19
    Kuijt Utrecht 22
    Pasanen Ajax 21
    Pletikosa Hajduk 23
    Lapaczinski Hertha BSC 20
    Benjamin HSV 23
    Quaresma Sporting 18
    Janssen Vitesse 20
    Ji-Sung PSV 21
    Arzu Betis 21
    Leko Dinamo Kiev 22
    Culina De Graafschap(loan) 22
    Ormazabal Universidad Catolica 23
    Tello Sporting 22
    Sorondo Inter 22
    These young players will make useful additions to your squad in the future

  • PC | Submitted by Bryan

    The Best Team

    Iker Casillas (GK) Real Madrid
    Micheal Silvestre (DL) Man Utd
    Cafu (DR) Roma
    Nesta (DC) A.C. Milan
    Phillipe Mexes (DC) Auxerre
    Deco (ML) Porto
    Joaquin(MR) Real Betis
    Roy Keane (MC) Man Utd
    Nedved (AMC) Juventus
    Adriano (FC) Parma
    David Trezeguet (FC) Juventus

  • PC | Submitted by Bryan

    Future Stars

    pereplyolkin (southampton)
    moses ashikodi (millwall)
    jorge torales (chacarita)
    ashkan dejagah (hertha berlin)
    tomi petrescu
    luke moore (aston villa)
    diego (santos)
    johnathan soriano
    freddy adu (free transfer)
    james milner (leeds)
    jay mceveley (blackburn)
    jose manuel reina (villareal)
    john welsh(liverpool)
    phillipe mexes (auxerre)
    valeri bojinov (leece)
    luke steele (man u)
    glen johnson (west ham)
    lasha chelidze (kutaise)
    mikel arteta (rangers)
    borut semler (fc bayern)
    fillipe oliveira (chelsea)
    carlton cole (chelsea)
    christiano ronaldo (sporting)
    helder postiga (porto)-load portugese league

  • PC | Submitted by David McDermott

    How to get good players for nothing

    If you want to get good players for tupence then read this:
    Put an offer in for a player that you like and offer like ý20,000,000+.
    when the offer is accepted and you are on the offer contract screen you must click on the players name.
    when you have done this, withdraw the offer and offer whatever you want, free if that's it, then click the back bottom until you get to the offer contract, and offer the contract thats how you do it.

  • PC | Submitted by Evertonian number 1

    Lots Of Money

    This cheat ONLY WORKS AS REAL MADRID. When you start the game, resign straight away, and add manager and your money will immediately rocket up. This can be done many times and it slowly becomes a smaller amount that it rises by. Eventually the money will begin to go down, but I have got up to ý142m to spend. You can use this cheat again if you run out of money, but it wont go as high as your previous amount.