Certain Helldivers 2 Stratagems are so dangerous that some players are convinced they're deliberately attacking us

A screenshot from Helldivers 2 showing a player shooting towards a huge explosion.
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As the Helldivers 2 community continues its quest to smash bots, squish bugs, and spread Managed Democracy with our shiny new Helldiver 2 mechs in tow, it's been noted that some of the supposedly helpful Stratagems can actually be far more hassle than they're worth. In fact, some are convinced that certain Stratagems might not even be on our side.

If you're new to it all then Helldivers 2 stratagems are crucial. They can be called in by putting in a series of directional inputs, and offer a wide range of help in the form of extra ammo, different weapons, enormous orbital strikes on foes, automatic turrets, and more. However, in a shooter where friendly fire is always on, keeping your teammates out of your own firing line is key, and some believe that specific Stratagems have genuine bloodlust and a thirst for violence against Helldivers.

One of these is the Mortar Sentry, which in theory, is supposed to provide backup by firing at enemies, which is perfect for keeping areas under control. However, many on Reddit have found that their turrets seem to focus way more on themselves and their team than the threats they're actually supposed to be fighting.

Just don't stand near the enemies that are constantly running to stand near you. from r/Helldivers

"That thing deliberately shoots at you without a doubt in my mind. Closest enemy was about 30m away and the mortar just shoots three at me and one at the enemy," one player wrote, recalling the tragic betrayal they experienced.

"It doesn't help that the mortar sentry seems to have a SEVERAL FOOT MARGIN OF ERROR. I've kept the bugs off me, been completely clear, and STILL been hit by a mortar trying to hit a bug on the opposite side of a rock from me – at least five feet away. The only way to avoid death from the friendly mortar sentry is to be outside its firing range," added another. 

Similar issues have been noted with the deadly Orbital 380MM HE Barrage, which is so unpredictable that one player on Reddit is convinced it's manned by an automaton. Although its fantastic power can be incredible when it lands on the intended target, its missiles often go astray with disastrous consequences for the Helldivers on the ground. 

"I've been running the last several games and purely based off my anecdotal evidence I am firmly under the impression that the 380MM cannon gunner is, in fact, an automaton," the user wrote

"380 barrage is the worst [...]. I think I’ve been blown up by my own barrage more times than I've killed things," another agreed.

Of course, both these Stratagems can still be great, and they're always going to be more useful in certain situations than others. With that said, just keep an eye out, as it seems that we'll never be quite sure when one of them might just shoot you in the back - even the best Stratagems can be major friendly-fire danger zones!

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