C&C movie reveals alien race

Command & Conquer 3's third race has been revealed as an invading alien force, fighting to lay claim to Earth's deadly infestation of Tiberium crystals. We've just uncovered a brand new trailer showing snippets of C&C3's cut-scene movies - including Lost's Sawyer as a gun-toting NOD commander - as well as what will be your first peek of the new alien enemies. Hit the Movies tab above right now.

The extraterrestrials resemble insect-like, almost robotic creatures, and a recent preview in PC mag Games For Windows has images of the aliens (or 'visitors' as Kane calls them in the movie) and their unit-recruiting structures, which apparently take the form of space-hopping warpgates, unlike NOD and GDI's barracks and factories.

Above: Some of the aliens look like huge beetles - but is there a softer, vulnerable E.T. inside these war machines?

Nothing specific has been revealed about the alien race and its forces - although EA has told GamesRadar that they will field smaller armies of more powerful individual units compared to NOD and GDI - but it's only a matter of time before Command & Conquer 3's exciting new secret raceis revealed in full detail. And we'll be there when the news breaks, bringing it to you in brain-friendly words.

December 13, 2006

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