Catherine Hardwicke talks Twilight reshoots

While Twilight fans across the pond had reason to celebrate with Twilight moving up there to nab Harry Potter’s recently vacated release spot (UK Twihards will still need to wait until January to get their fill), cheers turned to concern when it was announced that director Catherine Hardwicke would be filming some reshoots.

While reshoots don’t always mean a film has problems, pushing them so close to the film’s release is reason to concern. Hardwicke, though, has been chatting to Entertainment Weekly in an attempt to still fans’ hearts.

Seems the majority of the extra – or reworked – material is to counteract the weather problems faced by the main shoot early in the year. And now that lead actress Kristen Stewart is over 18, she can work longer hours, which means some scenes (such as a romantic moment between her Bella and Robert Pattinson as hero vampire Edward) can be made better.

“We got to shoot some things I really wanted,” explains the director. “It’s just the icing on the cake.”

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