Castlevania season 3 trailer is a stunning setup for a war on humans

(Image credit: Netflix)

Not two weeks after confirming the Castlevania season 3 release date, today Netflix released the first proper trailer for the upcoming anime. There are pretty significant spoilers for seasons one and two ahead, so turn back now if you've yet to watch this animated epic.  

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With Dracula now dead at the hands of his son Alucard and his unlikely allies, monster hunter Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades the Speaker, the already bloody relationship between humans and vampires has reached a tipping point. Returning antagonist Carmilla seems to be leading a new vampire faction hell-bent on enslaving humans. Meanwhile, Isaac the Forgemaster is still driven by his disdain for mankind and is plotting the ultimate end of all humans. Naturally, our three heroes are caught in the middle, swords clashing, whips flailing, and magic surging, trying to find a path forward for humanity. 

The first two seasons of Netflix's Castlevania had a clear focus: kill Dracula. Bam, a nice simple tentpole to build the plot around. Now that Dracula's gone, the story and its stakes have opened up quite a bit. Both the moral balance and power balance are murkier than ever, so there's no telling what season 3 has in store. Based on today's trailer, one thing's for sure: it's bringing the heat with yet more stunning animation, to say nothing of the series' ever-stellar voice acting. 

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