Cary Elwes sings A Christmas Carol

He might have found his latest niche in either spoofy teen movies or horror flicks (and if you don’t like cheesy messages about friendship and tired US high school re-treads of classic tales, they are one and the same), but Cary Elwes is heading back to the sort of classic fantasy that helped make his career.

He’s grabbed a ticket for Robert Zemeckis’ latest trip to 3D performance capture land, A Christmas Carol, joining the likes of Jim Carrey, Bob Hoskins, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Robin Wright Penn.

There’s no word on exactly who Elwes would play, though given the flexibility of the technology, he’ll likely take on multiple roles (Carrey has already nabbed Scrooge and three ghosts). We’re thinking he’s a shoe-in for Bob Cratchit.

You can almost smell the Yule logs burning on the open fire now, but Zemeckis’ Christmas Carol won’t hit our screens until December 2009.

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