Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is ending, leaving Steve Rogers with no solo title

Captain America Finale #1 cover art
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Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson have shared the spotlight in two Captain America titles since last year, but following the current 'Cold War' crossover event, Marvel seems to be switching gears for Steve with the end of his Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty title.

Following 'Cold War,' Marvel will publish Captain America Finale #1 by writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Carmen Carnero in August. The publisher's announcement doesn't specify the fate of Sam Wilson's title, Captain America: Symbol of Truth. Both titles with suspend publication in July for Captain America #750, a combined anniversary issue that also brings in guest creators to mark the milestone Legacy number.

The Captain America Finale one-shot promises the conclusion of Steve Rogers' current plotline, in which he's been squaring off with a secret society known as the Outer Circle - including his old pal Bucky Barnes, who has joined the villainous organization under suspicious circumstances.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Steve Rogers sets his sights on releasing the world from the Outer Circle’s influence and ending the Century Game for good," reads Marvels description. "Within this thrilling confrontation also comes a new beginning—Bucky’s journey as the Revolution, Sharon Carter’s evolution as the new Destroyer, Black Widow’s new mission, and much more will continue later this year!"

What comes next for Steve, Marvel doesn't say, but the implication is that he'll receive a new title at some point down the road. At the same time Steve's solo title is ending, Sam Wilson is also stepping up as the Captain America of the upcoming new Avengers line-up. Could that indicate that something dire is in Steve's future?

"The Century Game is coming to its explosive end - and we're all so thankful for every reader who joined us for the ride," states co-writer Collin Kelly. 

"Sentinel of Liberty could never have happened without the visual mastery of Carmen Carnero, who brought every moment of this story to life with boundless imagination and truly human empathy," he continues. "Nolan Woodard's colors helped create a brutal, beautiful world, while Joe Caramagna perfected every character's voice. And our deepest thanks goes to our fearless editor Alanna Smith and her equally dauntless assistant editor Kaitlyn Lindvedt - who got us through the trenches and into safety on the other side."

"This series has been life-changing for Collin and me. Every page of Sentinel of Liberty was a labor of love, every character has become like family, every collaborator is among the best in the business," adds co-writer Jackson Lanzing. 

"We've had the true honor of being embraced by the Captain America fanbase - who work to bring Steve Rogers' moral clarity and goodness into the world every day. From the mystery of the Outer Circle, to the rise of the New Invaders, to the monster-filled chaos of 'Cold War,' this story has been a dream. And though it's bittersweet to bring 'The Century Game' to a close, rest assured that we aren't done with these characters or the arcs they've begun here."

Does that last bit mean that Lanzing and Kelly will be along for the ride on Steve's new mission, whatever form that takes? We'll find out.

Captain America Finale #1 goes on sale August 16 with a cover from interior artist Carmen Carnero, seen above.

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