Captain America: Cold War brings in Black Widow in May

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12
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Marvel is on the brink of a 'Cold War' as the publisher's two Captain America titles, Steve Rogers' Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty and Sam Wilson's Captain America: Symbol of Truth, collide in a story that Marvel is billing as "a globetrotting, espionage-fueled thriller lined with hard-hitting personal conflict between the two Captains America."

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With the plot of 'Cold War' coming into focus, Marvel has now announced Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12 and Captain America: Symbol of Truth #13, the May issues of both titles, which will heat up the conflict between Sam and Steve as they try to take down the conspiracy that's been haunting them both.

"The storyline will pay off various plot threads that made both titles must-reads the past year including the rise of the mysterious Outer Circle and their shocking connection to Steve Rogers; the surprising return of Ian Rogers, AKA Nomad; Sam Wilson’s intense conflict with Wakanda and White Wolf; and Bucky’s bold new mission as the New Revolution," reads Marvel's announcement of the May titles. 

"Things will come to a head when Bucky and White Wolf join forces and kidnap Ian Rogers in a twisted plan to unleash Dimension Z. Will Steve and Sam be able to agree on the hard choices needed to set things right?"

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In May 17's Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12, writers Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing are joined by guest artist Alina Erofeeva for chapter 3 of 'Cold War,' which brings Black Widow into the fold as newly minted villain Bucky/the New Revolution teams up with the villainous White Wolf to open the alt-reality of Dimension Z.

Then in May 31's Captain America: Symbol of Truth #13 from writer Tochi Onyebuchi and artist RB Silva puts Steve and Sam at odds as Steve battles to rescue his son Ian Rogers from Dimension Z despite Sam's hesitation to enter without a plan.

Captain America: Cold War kicks off in April.

Sam will essentially replace Steve on the roster of the relaunched Avengers in May, and it's worth questioning whether their conflict in 'Cold War' will lead to a Captain America status quo change in the Marvel Universe.

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