Cannes 2009: People in films!

New movies being shot. Old ones being foreign-ised. Chow down on these in-production titbits...

Ever pictured Rosario Dawson and Kevin James in a romantic tryst? Of course you haven’t, but it’s going to happen in The Zookeeper. The slightly unsavoury premise has animals teaching the title character about mating and stuff.

One minute nobody knew leftfield Oscar nominee Melissa Leo (Frozen River), the next she’s playing mother to Wahlberg and Bale (Christ, imagine parents’ evening) in David O Russell’s The Fighter.

Will Smith’s producing a Hurricane Katrina movie centred on ex-Marine John Keller, who led the rescue of 244 of his homewrecked neighbours.

Leathery, sorry, legendary producer Robert Evans (Chinatown) is pairing with ITV for a reimagining of Gerry Anderson’s UFO, a ’70s telly show about a covert op to combat human-harvesting aliens.

They only screened in Cannes mere days ago, but there are already rumours flying of US remakes of Bong Joon-ho’s Monster and Thirst by Park Chan-wook (whose Vengeance trilogy is being Hollywoodified as we speak).

Continuing on the remake tip, Russia’s about to get its very own versions of Melanie Griffith starrer Working Girl and Denzel Washington revenger Man On Fire. Each will be budgeted around $4 million. Which would buy you roughly one exploding bus on a Tony Scott film.