Canned Titanfall game might have resurrected BT, and fans can't handle it

Titanfall 2
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Titanfall fans are in mourning after a report claimed a game set in its universe was cancelled at developer Respawn.

Earlier this week, a report claimed EA and Respawn had scrapped a new game set in the Apex Legends and Titanfall universe. Since then, further details about the game have come to light, written up in the subreddit post just below, detailing how it would've incorporated characters from Apex Legends, and resurrected the beloved Titan BT for another adventure.

As you can tell from the title of the subreddit post above, Titanfall fans far and wide are losing it over the reports surrounding the canned project. In the comments section, some fans even remark that the rumors sound too good to be true, and are just plain shocked that such a promising project could be canned by both publisher EA and developer Respawn.

The fact that the project was meant to incorporate so many Apex Legends characters is a really painful point with fans. Respawn's battle royale characters have become beloved over the past three years or so, and to have them join forces with the likes of BT, already a staple of the Titanfall franchise from the excellent Titanfall 2, is a tough pill to swallow.

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The original report claimed that this project, called Titanfall Legends, was in the works for quite some time at Respawn. Now, the new rumors surrounding the cancelled game claim Respawn and EA wanted to turn Apex Legends into a Call of Duty-like, with Titanfall Legends offering up the single-player aspect of the project.

Considering Respawn's excellent penchant for designing single-player projects, from Titanfall 2 to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it's no wonder fans are heavily mourning the loss of what sounded like an incredibly promising game.

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