Call of Duty: WW2 is official, here's what we can tell from its first teaser image

Call of Duty is officially heading back to the second world war and its new title is being very direct about it - the next game is called Call of Duty: WW2 as the leaks indicated. Activision made the announcement on the series' Twitter account, where it also revealed that Sledgehammer Games is leading work this time around.

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This will be the second CoD title helmed by Sledgehammer after 2014's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and its first historical shooter. Infinity Ward and Treyarch were responsible for all the previous main series entries set in World War 2. Activision says we'll have to wait until April 26 for the full reveal, but we can already start pulling out some details just from that teaser image. Here's a wider version without the text.

A bloodied guy in an M1 helmet, clutching some dog tags and resting against the butt of a rifle. With that thousand-yard stare it looks like he could be in the midst of a traumatic flashback. What's he remembering? Take a closer look at that reflection in his eyes.

Four figures silhouetted against a bright blue sky, in stark contrast to the grey and dirt around him, three sitting and one kneeling. Four chains in his hand and four figures - though some of those chains could be looped around twice, admittedly. Is the image in his eyes a reflection of his past, or perhaps a startlingly familiar moment that has given him pause?

The same image of the soldier resting his head appeared on the leaked Steelbook images for Call of Duty: WW2. Another of those images depicts five soldiers who look like they're participating in the invasion of Normandy. Four plus Mr. Stare equals five. Could we be looking at our main squad already? Assuming we start to follow them on D-Day, where will the war take them from there? And, most importantly, which one will get killed just after sliding us a gun in slow motion?

For more answers to these questions, we really will have to wait until April 26. Until then you can at least take a look back at Call of Duty's best World War 2 moments.

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