Call of Duty Warzone Duos likely on the way

Call of Duty Warzone blood money
(Image credit: Activision)

Infinity Ward may have accidentally leaked an incoming Call of Duty Warzone update that adds Duos to the battle royale shooter. This comes shortly after Quads was added as part of the big Season 3 update.

A recent update to the official Warzone update briefly revealed an image advertising Duos mode alongside the currently-available Quads mode. The imagery was swiftly removed from the website, but as Infinity Ward and Activision are surely aware, the internet never forgets. Eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to share screen grabs for the world to see.

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It's been a popular request from fans for Infinity Ward to add the ability to have two-player squads in Warzone, and it looks like the studio is acquiescing. Of course, without official word from Infinity Ward or Activision, it's hard to say for sure that it's happening, and harder still to guess when it might happen. But advertising the feature on the official Warzone site is a pretty clear signal of an impending announcement.

The ability to play in groups of four was recently added to Warzone as part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Season 3 update, which also added three new 6v6 maps and a new operator to Modern Warfare. Finally, Warzone recently got an update to Plunder mode that included Blood Money mode, and we've got everything you need to know as well as tips for success.

Looking ahead to the future, here's everything we know about Call of Duty 2020's release date, setting, gameplay, and more.

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