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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 4 roadmap unveiled, and it's finally bringing the Juggernaut to Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone
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Activision have released the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 4 (opens in new tab) roadmap, revealing that even more new modes, weapons, and features are on the way as part of the first-person shooter's latest chapter in its live service. 

The season's upcoming additions includes new modes for both Modern Warfare's core multiplayer experience and its free to play battle royale mode, Call of Duty: Warzone (opens in new tab), all outlined in Activision's latest blog post here (opens in new tab)

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As part of its "Coming Soon" content, Modern Warfare: Season 4 will be adding Juggernaut Royale and BR Realism to Warzone as limited time modes. The former will introduce the Juggernaut care packaged into Verdansk in the form of three, rare care packages, while the latter removes most of the the player HUD and increases headshot damage. 

Also on the way is a new multiplayer map, Chesire Park, a new sniper rifle in the form of the Rytec AMR, a new Supply Run Warzone Contract, plus more multiplayer modes including One in the Chamber and All or Nothing. 

Infinity Ward hasn't specified when these updates will be arriving to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (opens in new tab), but the studio tends to change things up once a week, so be sure to keep an eye out in the coming days to see what might be added first. 

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