Call of Duty Mobile: Battle Royale includes third-person mode, classes, 100 player matches, and more

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Credit: Activision

Since announcing that Call of Duty mobile would be coming to the West following a successful stint in China, Activision has been releasing a steady stream of details about the Tencent-developed FPS game, which is currently rolling out its beta across Android devices in select regions this week (iOS players will have to wait a little longer). 

Call of Duty mobile beta | How to download call of Duty mobile

The latest news drop is all about the battle royale mode which is included as part of Call of Duty: Mobile package, alongside the game's traditional multiplayer and zombies PvE modes. Though Activision calls Call of Duty: Mobile - Battle Royale a "standalone" mode from Black Ops 4's Blackout mode, it's inevitably inspired by that experience, with similar rules, 100 player matches, and options for Solos, Duos, and Squad play. 

That said, the battle royale map now features even more famous locations from Call of Duty past, including the Modern Warfare series, while players will be able to choose between a first or third-person perspective at the start of each match. What's more, a class system is being added to Mobile's take on Blackout, with six available classes each with own unique skills and traits. 

Additionally, players will be able to customise their loadout during the Debrief section before each game of battle royale, equipping their character with a number of weapon, item, or vehicle skins, choosing various emojis, and even customising their knife, wingsuit, and parachute with unlocked cosmetics. 

You can pre-register for the Call of Duty: Mobile beta right now by heading to the game's Google Play Store page, though Activision hasn't yet stated when it'll be arriving in US or European territories besides a vague Summer release window. We'll update you with more details when we hear anything new. 

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