Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War teaser code opens a Warzone room full of secrets

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The Farmland code Warzone tease opened a whole new layer of the Black Ops Cold War  info chase, as a keycode revealed from the Black Ops Cold War teaser site opens up a whole new area of investigation.

The site now includes a video tape which, when clicked, will play an assortment of news clips from Western media sources across 1961 and 1962. The clips focus on the space race, the civil rights movement, the Cuban missile crisis, and military escalation in Laos, but the big secret is actually on the VCR: at one point its display flashes a code including the numbers "49285163".

As this video from Call of Duty YouTuber PrestigeIsKey shows, the code opens a locked door in the Krovnik Farmland in Call of Duty Warzone. Beyond that door is a spy's paradise of documents, cyphers, and mysterious machinery.

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The documents show various chemical compounds, diagrams for Nixie tube setups (an incandescent display technology which predated LEDs), and grids with special code words that could seemingly be used to decrypt them. There's even a teaser for a phone number starting with 1-831 

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We are officially up to our ears in ARG territory now. The Call of Duty community has a long weekend ahead of it cracking these latest teasers, and we're still waiting for Activision to give us any official word on Call of Duty 2020 beyond the fact that it's being developed by Treyarch and Raven Software. Hopefully we won't need to wait much longer - especially if the game is set to arrive in its usual October/November window.

Find something to play while you wait to find out more in our list of the best Call of Duty games. 

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