Call of Duty 4 tops 10 million

Call of Duty 4 has just reached an astounding 10 million copies sold, Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella has revealed.

The Activision-published FPS is one of less than ten games to reach the monolith sales milestone since 2000 (GTA takes up three of the spots). And at $60 a pop, the gents behind the shooter have made a lot of cash.

What's more, the downloadable Variety Map Pack has been served to over 1.5 million customers already. We bet they've got massive motors in their car park now.

Speaking toCnet (opens in new tab), Zampella acknowledges that CoD 4 has set the bar extremely high for Infinity Ward, and it's hard to imagine the studio being able to come right back with another 10 million seller.

CoD 5, developed by Call of Duty 3 studio Treyarch, is set to be revealed in the next few weeks. Will it be able to raise the money bar?

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab)

Jun 4, 2008