Call of Duty 3 - hands-on

The single player offers the same shooting-gallery thrills that the series always has. It's funny; you'll hear a lot of complaints about these games getting stale, but there's no actual indication that gamers really agree. Activison's executive producer, Marcus Iremonger, summed it up like this: "We keep reading this stuff. But at the same time, people keep buying these games... If they didn't, we wouldn't be making them... It's really as simple as that." That's very much the take we have on the game after digging into a slice of the single-player, as unpolished as it was at the preview event.

The first level we hit is a rain-soaked battle - and pure Call of Duty classicism. As it begins, you follow a tank through an unending stream of German soldiers. The trademark whiz-bang of battle was in full effect here, and we hustled through the chaos to get to the next good bit... a squad of Germans holed up in a complex of buildings, with lots of cover, and lots of danger. It took a few tries, but we soon figured out the best way to tackle it, and that's what makes COD fun: well-crafted gameplay that you have to pull apart. Kiersey puts it like this: "World War II is popular for two reasons. One, I think, is the panorama and the scale of the fight is huge... The scale of the slaughter. The scale of tension." Yep.