Call of Duty 3 - hands-on

On the other hand, some of the new elements that Activision was touting as crucial to the Call of Duty 3 experience were either missing or hidden behind game crashes - so we didn't get to see everything we need to say how big of a leap over COD2 we're talking about. The battle actions - which let you struggle with a German soldier for your gun, for example - were not accessible, though they got a lot of lip service. There is also a class system (pick your soldier type) in the multiplayer that really just amounted to different weapon loadouts - though the medic did seem to be able to heal. These features need to come further before we can tell if they'll make much difference in the game.

But to be completely fair, crash bugs and missing bits didn't hurt the experience of Call of Duty 3. "We make entertainment, first and foremost. It's important that we make sure things are authentic, because, to be honest, that's what the players expect," offers Iremonger. That's what Call of Duty 3 ultimately will be - more polished entertainment... a World War II rollercoaster.