Call of Duty 3 - hands-on

More promising was the capture the flag - also bog-standard on the face of it - thanks to the Eder Dam map. This was maybe the most appealing thing about early COD3. It's not just because it's an incredibly well-designed map, which it is, but because the CTF game we played was the most solid gameplay experience of the entire day. Eder Dam was definitely made by people who know what they're doing. With plenty of routes that take you above and below, varying terrain to hide behind or use as a vantage point, and multiple angles to take either of the flags from, we had plenty of fun playing on it. Vehicles like jeeps (complete with gun turrets) and motorcycles (with sidecar, of course) were littered around the map, rounding out the experience.

Beyond that, there's also a "war" mode - which is nothing new either (notice a pattern?) but as Eder Dam proves, it's the execution that counts. Groups of players surround strategic points on the map; the longer you stand there, the more the point ticks over to your side (until you capture it.) We've seen the same thing in Star Wars: Battlefront and other games. The difference here is that the focus is a little tighter, the maps a little smaller, so you'll really have to fight it out to capture those points.