Bungie warns Destiny 2 players that changing settings in PvP may get them flagged for glitching

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

A busted Destiny 2 PvP glitch is making the rounds on PC, and as a result messing with graphics settings during PvP could get you kicked or suspended even if you aren't actually exploiting it. 

A group of players apparently discovered this glitch a while back and agreed to keep it a secret after tipping Bungie off. However, one player recently shared the glitch publicly, reportedly after being banned for using it themselves. The glitch has grown in popularity ever since, prompting Bungie to set up preventative measures ahead of a proper fix planned for the big December update. The error code Rutabaga will automatically kick players suspected of using this exploit, but the catch is that it's remarkably easy to get flagged for this even if you aren't glitching. 

The so-called Min/Max glitch causes Supers and Super kills to generate way more Orbs of Power than normal, allowing for infinite Super chaining in pretty much any activity, including PvP. To trigger it, you basically trick the game's frame counter by fiddling with your resolution and display mode on PC (we won't go into specifics because using this glitch can absolutely get you banned). However, the Rutabaga error codes deployed to stop this glitch may misread normal actions such as tabbing out or adjusting graphics settings as an attempt to trigger this glitch, potentially kicking innocent players as collateral damage. 

This issue is more common on older PCs, dmg04 says, but to be safe, Destiny 2 players should avoid changing windows or fiddling with their settings while loading into or playing a game of PvP. If you do get flagged, you shouldn't suffer more than a 30-minute timeout, but if you find yourself unfairly suspended, you can add your name to the growing list of innocent Rutabaga recipients

Also coming in December: a Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast nerf which apparently won't drive the iconic weapon "into the ground". 

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