Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast nerf coming in December but Bungie doesn't want to "nerf into the ground"

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A Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast nerf will come in December alongside Bungie's big anniversary update, so you might want to spend some extra time with the fusion rifle while it's still utterly bonkers. 

Destiny 2 community manager dmg04 confirmed the upcoming nerf in a recent tweet. "Team is looking at toning down [Mythoclast] in the December patch," he said. "Goal isn't to nerf into the ground, but some tuning is felt to be in order."

Vex Mythoclast launched in an underwhelming state when the Vault of Glass raid, the final boss of which drops the Exotic fusion rifle, was added to Destiny 2 earlier this year. It was buffed in relatively short order, and it's been a top pick in both PvE and PvP ever since. The fusion rifle artifact mods added in the current season, not to mention the shift to infinite ammo for primary weapons including good-old Vex, sent its power level through the roof – apparently too far through the roof for Bungie's liking. 

Bungie clearly wasn't satisfied with the initial performance of Vex Mythoclast, so we can safely assume that its impending nerf won't drag it back down to that meager level. And while some Exotics still get their teeth knocked out when the nerf bat is swung, Destiny 2 has generally gotten better about softer, incremental balance changes. Here's hoping Vex Mythoclast is still a strong, fun weapon come December.

If you're a new or avid Vex Mythoclast user and this news has dampened your spirits, perk them right up with the fact that Shatter Dive, a notoriously busted Stasis Hunter ability, is also getting nerfed in December – and pretty hard, from the sound of it. In an earlier tweet, sandbox discipline lead Kevin Yanes acknowledged that Shatter Dive will be nerfed along with many other abilities in the big December patch, all as part of a plan to "shift the meta more towards gunplay." 

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