Bugsnax Isle of Bigsnax will have new Trophies after all

(Image credit: Young Horses)

Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax will add new PlayStation Trophies to earn, after the request of one particular fan.

That fan would be Greg Miller, host and co-founder of Kinda Funny Games. When The Isle of Bigsnax was first unveiled for Bugsnax last week, Miller reached out to developer Young Horses on Twitter to check if the new DLC content would offer new Trophies for players to earn. When the response was "no," Miller decided to provide his own list of Trophies for the new expansion, which led to the response from Young Horses co-founder Philip Tibitoski just below.

So, after a very prolonged Twitter discussion between Miller, Tibitoski, and others, it appears that The Isle of Bigsnax will actually offer new PlayStation Trophies for players to earn. If you're a little confused by the whole scenario, Miller is an avid PlayStation Trophy hunter, and has hosted numerous segments on podcasts like Kinda Funny's P.S. I Love You to discuss Trophies at large.

As for The Isle of Bigsnax though, no one really saw the new DLC for Bugsnax coming when it was unveiled last week in a PlayStation showcase. The new content for the 2020 adventure game will be arriving as a free update for all players at some point next year in 2022, and will offer gigantic Bugsnax (called Bigsnax, of course), quests to earn furniture to redecorate your home with, and hats to acquire. Bugsnax was one of the standout games of 2020 on PS4 and PS5, and The Isle of Bigsnax is the perfect reason to return to it.

If you're still working your way through Young Horse's great adventure game, head over to our guide on how to catch every Bugsnax to get one step closer to that Platinum Trophy.

Hirun Cryer

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