Bugsnax is getting Bigsnax, hats, and interior decorating next year

Bugsnax is getting a free update that adds giant Bugsnax (Bigsnax, of course), hats for your Bugsnax, interior decorating, and more fun stuff.

Launching sometime in early 2022 for PS4, PS5, and PC, the update is called The Isle of Bigsnax, and as you might assume, it takes place on an island crawling with supersized Bugsnax. That should make them a little trickier to capture, but naturally that also means more bountiful harvests for the local Grumpuses. In total, the update adds a dozen new Bugsnax to track down and feed to your friends.

The titular Bigsnax are undeniably the big highlight of the update, but The Isle of Bigsnax adds more than just really chonky Bugsnax. As you return to Snaktooth Island from the base game, you'll soon be able to decorate and personalize your own little hut by completing various challenges from your mailbox. There are over 100 challenges and 30 quests that'll reward you with furniture and accessories for your living space. "These challenges put a few twists in the gameplay, and will shake up how you explore and catch," creative director Kevin Zuhn says.

The update will also add Bughats which you can capture and use to dress up your favorite Bugsnax. And finally, Zuhn also confirmed that voice actors Yuri Lowenthal, Casey Mongillo, Debra Wilson, and Haviland Stillwell are reprising their roles for The Isle of Bigsnax. Zuhn says there are a few other returning characters as well, "including one you might not expect."

If you're still filling out your Bugapedia, check out our guide on how to catch every Bugsnax.

Jordan Gerblick

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