Brothers in Arms gets TV series with Gearbox involvement

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Brothers in Arms, the iconic Gearbox series from the aughts, will be adapted for television, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Technically, the series will tell the story of the formerly classified World War 2 mission, Exercise Tiger, but Gearbox will be involved in its production - specifically, CEO Randy Pitchford will produce and help with script development.

“I’m honored to be joining the frontlines of this project and look forward to creating an emotional experience around a title that means so much to the Gearbox community,” says showrunner Scott Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum has previously served as executive producer on Queen of the South and showrunner for V and Gang Related. There's also a handful of game industry vets involved with production, including Jean-Julien Baronnet (Assassin's Creed), Sean Haran (Gearbox's chief business officer), and Richard Wheland (Band of Brothers Pacific). 

While the concept for the show isn't technically related to the Band of Brothers series (there's no direct connection to any of the previous games' plots), the mission it's focusing on is one of the most interesting in world history. Exercise Tiger was meant to be a D-Day rehearsal, but it went horribly wrong. The April 1944 run-through took place in Devon, UK, but there was a litany of communication issues that resulted in friendly fire deaths during the exercise. Not to mention, German E-boats attacked while an Allied convoy attempted to land on shore, killing more than 700 American soldiers. Because of the secrecy surrounding the Normandy invasion, the botched exercise remained classified for quite some time. 

Sounds like this will be a fun, light-hearted series, right?

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