Brittany Murphy is turning Japanese

Times must truly be tough for Brittany Murphy if she has to subsist on ramen noodles, the food of choice for low-paid American workers trying to stave off hung… Oh, sorry, we’ve just been handed an update. It’s a film. Right. So she might be eating ramen noodles for dinner, but it’ll be out of golden bowls.

All joking aside, the Little Black Book thesp has agreed to star in The Ramen Girl, a comedy drama from Media 8 Entertainment that follows an American woman who finds herself unable to get home from Tokyo after her boyfriend leaves her. While looking to give her life a little meaning (not to mention her wallet a little cash to fly home) she winds up training to be a ramen noodle chef. Her teacher? A dictatorial master played by Japanese thesp Toshiyuki Nishida.

Becca Topol has penned the script, which will mark the movie debut of TV director Robert Allan Ackerman.

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