Bringing the Zone to life

Natural dangers abound in the Zone, in the form of deadly energy disturbances. An aftereffect of the disaster, the laws of physics do not apply within a disturbance and unwary travelers are often killed simply by walking into one. Disturbances can be identified by an odd shimmering effect, as well as by keeping an eye on the wildlife. The creatures controlled by A-Life aren't dumb; if the NPCs are staying clear of a particular swath of land, so should you.

A-Life's influence can also be seen in your comrades. Certain missions in the game have you fighting in a squad - standard fare in FPS land - but from what we played, these squad members are surprisingly realistic. Your teammates may make the occasional mistake, but they certainly aren't cannon fodder.

You may be cannon fodder to them, though. Watch yourself, greenie.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for more exclusiveSTALKER coverage, and if you haven't already, be sure to check outyesterday's story, where we took you for an up-closelook at the real exclusion zone.