Brendan Hunt clarifies if the Ted Lasso finale ending was all a dream or not

Ted Lasso season 3
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The Ted Lasso finale wrapped a bow on the beloved soccer comedy, which ran on Apple TV Plus for three seasons – and has apparently come to an end for good, though the door is wide open for future spin-offs. 

One thing that's got everyone talking, though, is whether that emotional montage towards the end of the episode was all a dream in Ted's head, or if it really happened. After all, we see the futures of the Richmond characters after Ted's departure – including Roy Kent becoming the club's manager, Coach Beard getting married, and Sam Obisanya joining the Nigerian national team – before Ted wakes up on the plane. Did any of it really happen, then? 

Brendan Hunt, who both co-created the show and plays Beard, took to Reddit to answer some burning questions from fans, and in the process cleared up whether the ending was imaginary.

"In the final episode of season 3, is the Beard & Jane wedding a dream sequence of Ted's? Or is it real?" asked one question, to which Hunt simply replied: "Real" 

There you have it – the Richmond crew really did get their happy endings. Although, a question mark is still hovering over whether this is actually an ending. Hunt also addressed the ongoing spin-off or season 4 speculation, but gave an answer that's far from definitive. 

"My pat answer, that is also 100% true: We don't know," he wrote. "We need a break and will take one presently. Nothing has been ruled out, everything is possible; but that includes the possibility that we're done. We won't know until we've sat with it for a while, decompressed, etc."

We're hoping the finale isn't the last we ever see of AFC Richmond, though it seems we'll be waiting a while to know for certain if the team will ever return to our screens. 

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