Breathedge 2 brings humor back to outer space survival

Floating through space with a crowbar in Breathedge
(Image credit: RedRuins Softworks)

Breathedge, an absurd survival game featuring a space traveler and his immortal chicken, now has a sequel. 

The aptly named Breathedge 2 appeared during the long segments of back-to-back trailers at this year’s PC Gaming Show. In it, the protagonist haphazardly runs back and forth with what appears to be a wheel, trying to fix their stranded vehicle while avoiding fire-breaking aliens. It ends in a blastoff that rips an enormous fault into the planet’s surface. In short, the trailer confirms that the same first-person galavanting (and questionable humor) will return in the sequel. 

RedRuins Softworks hasn’t revealed anything beyond the game’s existence and its listing on Steam. However, it seems like Breathedge 2’s gameplay will mimic its predecessor based on the brief snippets in the trailer. 

The original Breathedge first hit Steam early access in 2018 and officially released for PC in February 2021. It came to consoles later that year in April. Despite the amusing premise, it received mixed reviews from critics because of poor pacing, questionable mechanics, and arguably unfunny humor. One of its biggest claims to fame was its similarity to critically acclaimed space survival game, Subnautica

If RedRuins Softworks hopes to improve its ratings, it will have to address the complaints about the story and gameplay that plagued the first game. We’ll have to see whether or not the team plans on developing its sequel based on fan feedback. 

Breathedge 2 is currently in development for PC. You can add it to your Steam Wishlist now. 

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