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Break out the popcorn for 10 minutes of unfettered Killzone 3 gameplay

If you can't get into the Killzone 3 beta, or you can but are still filled with pent-up anticipation, well, that's what the internet is for. 10 minutes of direct-feed gameplay has been posted online for Killzone fans' viewing pleasure.

The video goes from the initial setup process - selecting a map, career, weapons, and skill - to the actual process of scoping out areas and creating as much carnage as possible. Snow-covered terrain, fiery warzones, and abandoned warehouses are all part of the fare offered in the video. So are jetpacks, rifles, and bloody-vision hit effects.

The 10 glorious minutes of footage is said to be from the upcoming beta, which will officially launch later this month for select PlayStation Plus members. Okay, less talking and more video, right? Here's the most continuous Killzone 3 content you've ever seen, originally uploaded to Italian site

Oct 14, 2010

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