Brandon Routh leads Dead Of Night

Despite having signed on to a couple of films since filling the iconic tights, Superman Returns star Brandon Routh looked like he might be headed for a future of supermarket openings in costume.

But his good luck streak is continuing - he's just been cast in the lead of Dead Of Night, which will be adapted from Italian company SAF Comics'
hugely popular horror title Dylan Dog, created by Tizano Sclavi.

David R Ellis, who most recently brought us Snakes On A Plane, will direct from a screenplay co-written by Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly. The story follows Dylan Dog - a character originally based on Rupert Everett's mug, who played a version of him in 1993's Cemetery Man - a broke private investigator who balances a weird, surreal, supernatural life (such as dealing with his deceased father) with playing music and chasing women.

Arclight Films is stumping up $35 million to get it made, and Ellis will kick off shooting soon in Connecticut.

Source: Comic Book Resources / CHUD