Brad Birds 1952 gets a new title

Brad Bird's long-awaited sci-fi passion project 1952 has been given a snappy new title.

Deadline has uncovered a litte of the mysticism surrounding the film. Previously known as 1952 , the project will henceforth be known as: Tomorrowland .

It has also received a green light from Disney, with confirmation of the previous report that George Clooney will be starring in it, and a release date set for December 2014.

It is still early days but the new title has piqued our interest, and it keeps the guessing game fully in motion. So what parts of the puzzle can we piece together so far?

We know that the House of Mouse isn't shy about exploring the possibillities of the universe, recently taking on board the Star Wars franchise, as well as this project.

The central plot is said to revolve around a man's contact with alien life on earth, with Clooney being chosen as the man for the job. Damon Lindelof and Jess Jensen are behind the script, and it's thought to be in a similar tone to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind .

New moniker Tomorrowland gives the film a fresh new facelift - 1952 sounded a bit old and dusty, and the latest title adds a retro-futuristic vibe to the proceedings, suggesting it might have something more to offer than your average generic piece.

On thing's certain: it is definitely not a sequel to the indie-comedy Adventureland starring Jesse Eisenberg.

Given Bird's background - and based on the talk that it is more in the tone of Spielberg than Michael Bay - we are expecting the meet-and-greet with other worlds to have an emotional kick, more like Super 8 than the clean-cut carnage of Transformers .

Either way this is the recipe for an intelligent and thought-provoking adventure that is bound to say something about 'humanity' before the end credits roll.

Tomorrowland will open in the US on 19 December 2014.

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